If your name on that list?

ABCD 2016This week’s print sheet from the Archbishop’s office includes the names of those who have not as yet contributed to this year’s appeal for the poor, the ABCD. My name is on the list, and I am embarrassed to admit that I have not yet made my pledge; but I plan to do it this week!

I know it has been a taxing year for all of us, struggling to support our Expansion Project and the Auction & Gala, both necessary and very successful for our Parish. It is my fervent hope that we can now remember once again the big picture of our Archdiocese, namely, the care of the poor, as we support our Archbishop and his project. We are now 50 percent short of our goal.

I am well aware of the generosity of our people in the past, and should circumstances have changed, please do not feel any pressure to contribute. Pledge envelopes are available for your convenience in the pews.

With gratitude to you and your family for all your support and sacrifices,
Father Dever