April, Month of the Holy Spirit

The month of April is dedicated to The Holy Spirit. 

To believe in the Holy Spirit is to profess that the Holy Spirit is one of the persons of the Holy Trinity, consubstantial with the Father and the Son: “with the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified.”

The entire month falls during the Easter season. The liturgical color is white — the color of light, a symbol of joy, purity and innocence (absolute or restored).

After our solemn commemoration of the last days and death of Our Lord we will spend the month of April celebrating. As Spring breaks forth, even nature will join us as buds and blooms begin to surface, and we spend this month basking in the joy of the Resurrection. We continue throughout the entire month our cry, “Christ is risen, Christ is truly risen.”


Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful: and kindle in them the fire of Thy love.

The Holy Father’s Intentions for April

Universal: For those who have responsibility in economic matters. That economists may have the courage to reject any economy of exclusion and know how to open new paths.

Feasts & Memorials

The Feast of Divine Mercy (Sunday, April 8) offers us the opportunity to begin again as though we were newly baptized. The unfathomable mercy of God is made manifest today if we but accept His most gracious offer.

The saints that we will focus on this month — those who have already shared in the rewards of the Resurrection — are St. Stanislaus (April 11), St. Martin I (April 13), St. Bernadette (April 16), St. Anselm (April 21), St. George and St. Adalbert (April 23), St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen (April 24), St. Mark (April 25), Our Lady of Good Counsel (April 26), St. Louis Mary de Montfort and St. Peter Chanel (April 28) and St. Pius V (April 30).

The feast of St. Catherine of Siena (April 29) falls on Sunday and so is superseded by the Sunday liturgy.The feasts of St. Francis of Paola (April 2), St. Isidore (April 4), St. Vincent Ferrer (April 5) and St. John Baptist de la Salle (April 7) are superseded by the Easter Week liturgy.

Source: CatholicCulture.org