Intentions & Prayers


Geraldine Bomkamp, Dr. Jose Moreno, Dana Fitz-Gerald, Sis McCauley, Edward Soto, Robert Geller, Bill Tenny, Joseph Coulombe, Samuel Ballayram, Bob Desjean, Marie Gioconda, Marjorie Wrong, Gloria Kenny, Ellen Jordan, Dillon Polk, George Chelius, Joan Brooks, Diane Martini, Andrew Blinco, Jack Musingo, Adrienne & Beckett Papa, Marguerite Remigy, Suzanne Custer, Lenore Grossman, Morela Lazzari, James Verrichia, Jeff Thompson, Carol Furia, Paul Scardina

If you know of someone who is alone, housebound or in the hospital, call 954-943-9154 to arrange for a priest to bring the Sacraments or for a visit by the Legion of Mary.

“If anyone is sick among you, ask for the Priest of the Church. They in turn are to pray over him, anointing him in the name of the Lord.” ~ St. James, C.S.

PRAY FOR OUR MILITARY FAMILY military-army--prayer

P.O. Joseph Schonig, Lt. Col. Melissa Rosol, CPO Philip Kriznanizh, 2nd Lt. Cmdr. Mark Jackson, Lt. Col. Amy Keough Ninneman, Cpt. Frank A. Spano, Lt. JG Colleen Quinn, Lt. Mark J. Marten, Maj. Tony Martinez, P.O. Joseph Matthews, Matthew Gagaoudakis Ensign 6 Navy