Sandwich Makers Needed to Feed Local Hungry

Saint Laurence Chapel Homeless Day Shelter provides food, clothing, medical care, showers, hygiene products and more for the local needy.

It serves breakfast and dinner every day – and Saint Paul the Apostle Parish provides sandwiches every Friday.

Currently, there are more hungry people than the number of sandwiches we are making. Please, we need your help.

This is what’s involved.sandwichs
~ Buy two loaves of bread, 20 slices of cheese, and 40 slices of lunch meat.
~ Make them into sandwiches.
~ Do not use condiments; they are provided at Saint Laurence.
~ Put the sandwiches back into the bread bags.
~ Hardboiled eggs (not peeled) are also a good staple to donate along with the sandwiches.
~ Choose one Friday each month that works for you. Bring them to the Parish Office by 1 p.m. that Friday.

For information, call Linda Kowalczyk at 954-946-0698. Thank you.

Join Us For Breakfast This Sunday

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This summer, our many Parish ministries are sponsoring and hosting complimentary Sunday breakfasts served in the Parish Hall at 8:15 a.m. and again at 10 a.m. 

Thanks to the Boy Scouts, the Men’s Guardian of the Faith Rosary Cenacle, the Girl Scouts, the Council of Catholic Women, and all others for the wonderful meals we have enjoyed together thus far!

Please join us on Sunday before or after Mass for some fellowship and breakfast — a delicious start to the week.