Sign of Peace: Not a Time For Hellos

This sign is more than a jovial handshake. Its older, formal gesture was a hands-to-shoulders embrace and a kiss on both cheeks (still seen in many cultures), but this might be too much to restore.

The deacon and priest “model” the gesture for everyone. They also show by their example that this is a ritual gesture requiring simplicity and decorum, not a frantic attempt to shake hands with everyone in church.

The words exchanged might simply be, “The peace of Christ.” This is never a time for hellos or chitchat. This is an act of liturgy.

Did You Know? Receiving Holy Communion

Because the communicant has the option to receive Holy Communion either in the hand or on the tongue, Holy Communion is not offered by intinction in the Archdiocese of Miami. Eucharist

At the same time, when Communion is offered under both kinds, the communicant is never allowed to dip the Sacred Host in the Precious Blood.

~ Archbishop’s Office

The Organ is Restored

The organ has been fully refurbished and restored, thanks to the expertise and dedication of Guzowski & Steppe at a cost of $139,784. Insurance paid $138,895. Organ Keys

Second collections over a 12-month period amounted to $28,051 toward the project. An additional cost for the electrical power installation was $3,610. The surplus of $27,162 will be added to our Parish Hall expansion project.

Thanks to everyone for your support. An organ recital and evening of music will be presented this Fall.

A Word From Our Councils: Parish Hall Expansion

Our parish has become an increasingly vibrant faith community, requiring additional space for the education of children and nurturing programs for our youth and elderly, as well as to ease competition for meeting space among the various ministries.

The elderly make up one of the largest segments of our parish, placing unacceptable limitations on the safety, comfort and accessibility for them and the handicapped. This requires some covered parking spaces and a covered entrance to one church door.

Because the Parish Hall is off limits for so much of the year due to Religious Education classes, we need a place where we can meet after Masses. The proposed pavilion will be an open-air, covered facility, situated to serve as a gathering place for our members filtering out of church after Masses.

For more information and renderings of the planned construction, please read the brochure.

~ Parish & Finance Councils

Pavilion Rendering 1 hires