Stewardship: The Value of a Dollar

Thanks to all our families and visitors who are participating in our Stewardship Renewal Appeal. We invite everyone to be part of this renewal. Pledge cards are available throughout the church for your convenience.

When we really understand Stewardship, we realize it’s a returning to God the First Fruits of all He give us – and he gives us every good thing.

Regarding our Stewardship of Treasure, one of our Parish Council members was told by a parishioner, “They don’t need my money over there. Look at the location and the property; they have plenty of money!” In a survey of giving levels, we find a surprising number of families with a giving habit of $1 or $2 per week or maybe $5, and it may have been that same amount over several years.

Looking carefully at what some basic things cost now and what they did cost in the past, we can see that the value of a dollar has decreased, so much so that a dollar or two each week to support the church fades into insignificance. For example:

Food                   1959             1970          1990            2012

Loaf of bread          .25               .59            1.89             2.69

Pound of coffee       .57             1.27            2.99             4.89 (11.3 oz.)

Pound of butter       .52               .79            2.59             3.69

Gallon of gas           .19               .59            1.09             3.69

The cost of operating our Church has risen proportionately. And as hard as we try, rising costs keep us striving to pay the bills on time. Therefore, this is the time of the year that we humbly ask everyone to reevaluate the financial contributions that you give to God through your parish.

We need everyone’s help. Thanks.

Clothe the Cold

Chrysalis Health Care Inc. recently sent 55 pounds of winter clothing to a parishioner’s family in New York after they lost their home and belongings in Hurricane Sandy.

If you have any loved ones in need as a result of the storm, call Diane at 513-919-0770 or Denise at 954-270-0633, and let them know what is needed.

Donations of blankets and winter clothing such as coats, shoes, sock and hats for all ages are needed as well. Weekly shipments are planned.

Thank you, all.

Reconciliation: Come Home for Christmas

Come home to Jesus for Christmas by celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation together as a parish on Wednesday, December 19, at 7:30 p.m.

Everyone is invited to the celebration, where we will recapture the “joy of our youth” as we present ourselves to God and the priest in confession seeking healing, hope, reconciliation, peace of soul and joy.

If your life is in disarray, your marriage is irreconcilable, you haven’t been to church in years or whatever, then this night is for you.

Many priests will be available for the celebration. See you there!

An Advent Question

Q. I am puzzled that the Gospel at the start of Advent is about the end of the world. What has this to do with preparation for Christmas?
A. The first focus of Advent is on preparing for the future coming of Christ, that is, at the end of each person’s life. The Church’s liturgical year begins by reminding us where the journey of life will finish. Our lives began with God our Creator and will return to God. It’s like the line of a circle that ends precisely where it began. As Advent advances, the liturgy taps into the spirituality of the Jewish people awaiting the Messiah. The last week before Christmas bring us to the people who would be associated with the birth of Jesus.

~ Father O’Flynn, O.F.M.

An Evening of Appreciation

The evening of Sunday, December 16, is set aside as a time of Thanksgiving and appreciation for everyone involved in ministry in our church.

We want you to know that the church appreciates the gifts of time and talent you bring to all of us, in helping build God’s Kingdom. Thank you!

Join us Sunday, December 16, at 5 p.m. in the Parish Hall. For information, call Connie in the Parish Office at 954-943-9154.